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Organic Lawn & Garden Care

Pesticide Advocacy

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List of Organic Pesticides Approved by the USDA

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Compost Calculations


How to Use Corn Gluten Meal


Corn Gluten Meal Application Worksheet


Composting 101


Fertilizer Application Worksheet


Attracting Beneficial Insects to Your Garden


How to Compost

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Milwaukee Area Organic Lawn & Garden Resources

Looking for ways to control spring weeds and crab grass?  Learn here corn gluten meal, as a natural pre-emergent herbicide.

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Additional Resources

Attracting Beneficial Insects

Beneficial insects are nature's best pest control. Learn here how to attract them to your lawn and garden to create a more harmonious, toxin-free pest management plan.

Corn Gluten Meal Research

The Micro Gardener

No garden is too small.  Learn how to grow your own nutritious, organic food garden, no matter how much space you have!

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